How does DNA testing for fitness and weight loss work? Kurt Johnsen, co-founder and CEO of Simplified Genetics explains SimplyFit, a full sequence genetic consumer DNA test that tells you, with 99.9% accuracy, what you need to eat, do and take in order to achieve your optimal fitness and weight loss potential. Here’s how it works. You swab the inside of your mouth to collect cheek cells. The swab is bottled in a test tube and sent via Fed Ex to the Simplified Genetics’ lab. Within a couple of weeks, you are emailed a full breakdown of your results and a Simplified Genetics staff member will schedule a phone call to review your results and give you actionable information on how to apply your results to your everyday life. As everyone’s body is different, genetic testing takes away the guessing game and the one-size-fits-all approach to fitness and weight loss, as the program is based exactly on your DNA. It’s noteworthy to point out that competitors in the marketplace are using SNP analysis and not full sequencing. The basic difference between both methods is accuracy. SNP analysis is only 50% to 60% accurate, whereas full sequence analysis is 99.9% accurate.

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