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Life after 50: Are Midlife Changes Hurting Your Confidence? Coming to Terms with Midlife Change!

Are midlife changes hurting your confidence and self-esteem? Are you questioning your relevance? You’re not alone! In life after 50, many of us believe that our productivity and worthiness begins an inevitable decline, causing us to question our relevance and self-worth. Many of us focus on what happens physically and what we “can’t do any […]

Life after 50: Why is THIS Happening to ME? 3 Reason for the Purpose Behind the Pain!

Why is this happening to me? A pressing question that’s crossed all of our minds in life after 50, when sometimes life just isn’t fair! What could possibly be the reason? That’s today’s topic with Kristin Kaufman, author of the popular trilogy “Is This Seat Taken”. Kristin identifies 3 reasons why we may be going […]

Feeling More Discouraged the Older You Get? How to Deal with Discouragement in Life after 50!

Are you feeling discouraged in life after 50? You’re not alone! As we age we are faced with many new challenges that can discourage us from living our best life. And dealing with discouragement can seem impossible. You feel heavy, stuck, and even hopeless at times. Will I ever feel good again? Today, we discuss […]

Are You Involved with a Narcissist? How to Recognize a Covert Narcissist!

Are you in a relationship with a narcissist? Most of the time, it is easy to spot a narcissist. Narcissists show up loud and arrogant, are always looking for compliments, and are insensitive to the needs of others. Being in a relationship with a narcissist can destroy you! Not so obvious, and even more destructive, […]

Nano Hearing Aids Review: Is Hearing Loss Hurting Your Relationships? A Look at Nano Hearing Aids!

Nano Hearing Aids Review: Is hearing loss hurting your relationships? Do you think that hearing loss is just a part of growing old, and that hearing aids make you look even older? You’re not alone! According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), 28 million people in the United States are […]

Overwhelmed by How Much Weight You Want to Lose? Tips and Tricks for Losing Weight After 50!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by how much weight you have to lose before you achieve your weight loss goal? You’re not alone! If you have ever tried to lose weight and get in shape after 50, you know that it can feel overwhelming. And the more weight you have to lose, the worse it feels. […]

Is Negative Self Talk Keeping You Stuck in Life? How to Stop Negative Self Talk!

Is negative self-talk keeping you stuck in life and preventing you from going after what you really want? You’re not alone! We all have that voice in our head, that inner critic that judges you, doubts you, and constantly tells you that you are not good enough. Negative self-talk diminishes your confidence, triggers your insecurities, […]

Is Chronic Pain Hurting Your Relationship? Dealing with Chronic Pain in Intimate Relationships!

Are you or your partner dealing with chronic pain? You’re not alone! Chronic pain affects 1 in 4 Americans. That means you or someone you know is likely suffering with chronic pain, a condition that can change your entire life and intimate relationship. Is chronic pain hurting your relationship? Today, we discuss how to deal […]

Life after 50: Feeling Overwhelmed with Life? 5 Steps to Getting Your Emotions under Control!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life? You’re not alone! Feeling overwhelmed can be all consuming in life after 50, especially in times of chaos and uncertainty when emotions are running out of control. Carla Rieger, Mindset and Communications Expert, explains how everything we do in life, all of our actions and decisions, are driven by […]

Life after 50: Is Happiness Eluding You? Tips for Creating Lasting Happiness Today!

Do you feel as though happiness is eluding you in life after 50? You are not alone! Crossing fifty is a big milestone that sends many of us questioning why people around us seem so happy when happiness keeps eluding us! Diane Forster, mindset and intentional living expert, reminds us that, “the grass is seldom […]

Stressed Out About Contracting COVID-19? Why Reducing Stress and Anxiety May Be Your Best Defense!

Are you stressed out about contracting COVID-19? You’re certainly not alone! While 24/7 news floods us with fearful messaging on social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands, we are given very little direction to help support our emotional health. Dr. Laurie Blanscet joins us to explain how stress and anxiety weaken our immune system, and […]

Touch Deprived? Dealing with Lack of Human Touch and Social Distancing! Emotional Health after 50

Do you feel touch-deprived? While people around the world are adhering to social distancing, many of us are dealing with lack of human touch just when we need it the most! Touch gives us a sense of connection, safety and comfort, and increases the natural killer cells that help us fight off illnesses. Touch also […]