For 2018, numerology tells us that we are under the energies of global number 2. Paige explains what global number 2 has in store for us and that in order to put numerology to work for us, we need to understand that patience is key! The year of global number 2 is all about relationships. It is about nurturing, development, waiting for the right moment and practicing a great deal of patience! In 2018, we will meet kindred spirits and connect with new professionals, new colleagues and friends. On the flip side, when we go into a year with a 2, that’s when our existing relationships are tested. This is a time to take stock on where we are in our relationships, because we are going to be much more sensitive and apt to think before we speak. If we are on the brink of a relationship, this is the year to gain clarity. It’s a time to make or break relationships. By practicing a great deal of patience and restraint to speak hastily, we will arrive at the right decisions for our journey.

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Paige is an internationally recognized Traumatic Stress and Integrative Healing Consultant, and brings an empowering spiritual view to our search for meaning, purpose, healing, and happiness!

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