Relationships Over 50: Are You Too Comfortable in Your Relationship? Not Letting Yourself Go!

Have you become too comfortable in your relationship? So comfortable, to the point of letting yourself go? Sure, it’s great when you can relax and truly be yourself in your relationship over 50. It’s not so great when comfort turns into letting yourself go and hurts your intimate relationship. Today, Rick Higgins, the Creator and […]

Dating & Relationships over 50: How Has Your Attachment Style Affected Your Relationships?

How has your attachment style affected your relationships? Have you noticed troubling patterns? Perhaps you keep attracting the same type of partner and had several relationships end for similar reasons? And you don’t understand why? You’re not alone! Dr. Gary Salyer, author of Safe to Love Again, explains attachment theory, and how our attachment style […]

Relationships Over 50: How to Practice Gratitude to Create Better Relationships and Feel Happier!

It’s a scientific fact that practicing gratitude will help us create better relationships and feel happier. In fact, whether you are starting a new relationship, or working to maintain a long-term relationship, research shows that expressing gratitude motivates both partners to more deeply commit and invest in the relationship. After all, we want to be […]

Dating Over 50: How To Navigate the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Lasting and Loving Relationship!

Based on his best seller, Mars and Venus on a Date, today Dr. John Gray explains the 5 stages of dating to create a lasting and loving relationship. Whether you are recently separated, divorced, or single longer than you want to be, John provides a thorough understanding of the five stages: attraction, uncertainty, exclusivity, intimacy […]

Finding Love Again after the Loss of a Spouse: Dr. John Gray Shares His Story and Advice

The loss of a spouse is one of the most painful life events one will ever endure. Engulfed in grief, the thought of starting over seems inconceivable, let alone finding love again. Today, a raw and heartfelt conversation with Dr. John Gray, author of the iconic best seller Men Are From Mars, Women Are From […]

Dating Over 50: What is Monkey Branching? Signs You Are Being Monkey Branched and What to Do!

What is monkey branching? First coined in 2010, the term “monkey branching” refers to the age-old practice of “two-timing”. Monkey branching is flirting with other people while you’re still in a relationship. And online dating over 50 is fertile ground for a monkey brancher. Typically, a monkey brancher poses as being single, and swings from […]

Relationships Over 50: She Said She Needs Space! What the Heck Does That Mean?

Are you worried about the fact that your wife or girlfriend says she needs space? You’re not alone! “I need space” is a highly searched phrase. For men, hearing these words can be both scary and confusing, especially in a long-term relationship over 50. What the heck does that mean? What can I do? The […]

Relationships Over 50: What Is Gaslighting? Signs You Are Being Gaslighted and What To Do!

What is gaslighting? The term “gaslighting” is coined from the 1944 film Gaslight, where a manipulative husband attempts to control his wife by convincing her to constantly question her thoughts, actions and memories. Gaslighting, a Google search term up 416% over the past year alone, is one of the most dangerous forms of manipulation and […]

Relationships after 50: She Says She Wants Space? Help for Men Struggling in Their Relationship!

She says she wants space? Intimacy is gone? Marriage is in trouble? With divorce after 50 at an all time high, and two-thirds of all divorces filed by women, it’s no wonder men across the globe report feeling blindsided in record numbers. Unlike most women, “most men don’t have a support system of friends or […]

Is Chronic Pain Hurting Your Relationship? Dealing with Chronic Pain in Intimate Relationships!

Are you or your partner dealing with chronic pain? You’re not alone! Chronic pain affects 1 in 4 Americans. That means you or someone you know is likely suffering with chronic pain, a condition that can change your entire life and intimate relationship. Is chronic pain hurting your relationship? Today, we discuss how to deal […]

What Men Need to Know About Communicating with Women! Happiness and Relationships after 50

Are communication issues in your relationship affecting your happiness? You’re not alone! Men and women communicate differently, and most of us don’t understand why! Where is the disconnect for men? What are women really saying? Today, Intentional Living Expert Diane Forster points out some hidden truths about what men need to know when communicating with […]

What Is Your Attachment Style? How Attachment Style Affects Your Relationships in Life after 50!

Did you know that the attachment style we develop as children affects our relationships well into life after 50? Our attachment style not only has a profound effect on our emotional development, it affects whom we choose as a partner and how well that relationship progresses, or not! What is your attachment style? Are you […]