Love after 50: Are You Pathologizing Your Relationship? Why Labeling Your Partner is Harmful!

Are you pathologizing and self-diagnosing your relationship issues? You’re not alone! With the overload of relationship advice online, more and more therapists and relationship counselors are observing couples self-diagnosing and labeling their partner’s behavior. Dr. Gary Sayler, transformational relationship therapist and author of “Safe To Love Again”, explains why pathologizing and labeling your partner’s behavior […]

Finding Love after 50: What Are Men Looking For? One Man’s Story of Finding the One!

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Finding Love after 50: Why Finding Love Later in Life is the Best Time!

Do you believe it’s too late to find love after 50? Think again! You are never too old to fall in love, and many people nowadays are dating and finding love again, or even for the first time, after the age of 50! Dr. Gary Salyer, author of Safe to Love Again, explains why finding […]

Love after 50: Is Vulnerability Attractive in a Partner? Men, Women and Vulnerability!

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Love After 50: Signs You Are in a GREAT Relationship Even if It Doesn’t Feel Like It!

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Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Why Emotional Intelligence Matters in ALL Relationships!

Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to be aware of, control, and express emotions in a healthy manner. In a relationship, emotional intelligence translates into the ability to be in touch with your own emotions as well as those of your partner. Today, we discuss why emotional intelligence matters in relationships, […]

Dating Over 50: Do You Have Relationship Imposter Syndrome? Dealing with Dating Imposter Syndrome!

What is relationship imposter syndrome? Relationship imposter syndrome, or dating imposter syndrome, is the belief that you are not good enough, and that if you show up as your authentic self when dating over 50, your partner is going to reject you. Sound familiar? Dr. Gary Salyer, author of Safe to Love Again, explains relationship […]

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