Digital TV for Baby Boomers

Life after fifty has never been hotter!

Digital TV for Baby Boomers

Life after fifty has never been hotter!

Digital TV for Baby Boomers

Life after fifty has never been hotter!

Digital TV for Baby Boomers

Life after fifty has never been hotter!

Digital TV for Baby Boomers

Life after fifty has never been hotter!

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Welcome to 2nd Act TV

At 2nd Act TV we focus on taking charge of our physical, emotional, and sexual health to live life to the fullest after fifty. With an eye towards humor, we tackle the trials and tribulations of aging head-on! 

Our motto: "It's never too late to be the person you always wanted to be!"


The release of "50 Shades of Grey" had us once again pondering the question, why are millions of women 50+ not only reading Fifty Shades, but talking about it? In a recent article by Suzanne Braun Levine, the first editor of Ms. Magazine, Levine suggests that "I'm reading 50 Shades" is code for "I still have sexual feelings, do you??" The book gave us a great way to share our curiosity about sex and desire after 50. But once that curiosity is shared, we still have trouble moving on to frank talk. Stacey with Pure Romance is back to answer some unasked questions about dabbling in fantasy play. Enjoy! ... See MoreSee Less

With all the buzz about "Fifty Shades of Grey" - and readership in the millions among women of "our age" - we thought it fitting to provide a...

Is lack of intimacy an issue in your relationship? One of the main reasons many women avoid intimacy (especially during menopause) is painful intercourse, a topic that’s difficult to discuss. You are not alone! Dr. Laurie is back with helpful advice on talking to your partner and rediscovering sensuality. ... See MoreSee Less

Lack of intimacy in long-term marriages is one of the leading causes of Gray Divorce. Painful intercourse is often the reason women avoid intimacy...

Another glimpse into Billy Blanks, the man who changed the course of fitness. It's no wonder millions of people love Billy! We're proud to have you on 2nd Act TV Billy!!! ... See MoreSee Less

Billy Blanks, the creator of Tae Bo® Fitness, has helped millions of people around the world get in shape and feel great! A world karate champion,...

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Sandy O'Hara BowenLove this, he's awesome!1 month ago   ·  1
Lisa Gourdine DavisWhat an inspiration!1 month ago   ·  1
Patty RalphBilly is a real guy!!!1 month ago   ·  1
Marda WalkerLove his attitude of gratitude and faith..1 month ago   ·  1
Leslie Lynde CraneBilly is awesome! I've taken so many of his classes in his studio on Ventura. Those were fun days and his classes were ass kickers! Love Billy and his infectious positive attitude.1 month ago   ·  2
Ray Lytlemary1 month ago   ·  1
Susan BrettActually got to spend some time with Billy MANY years ago in Quincy, Ma. When he started out with a small karate studio! Very awesome, dedicated man even back then! Rock on Billy!!!1 month ago

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Is your new year stuck on the same old emotional roller coaster? After turning 50, we experience a decade of transition and change. For women in particular, hormonal changes can play havoc with emotions, not only to our detriment, but also to the detriment of everyone around us. Psychotherapist and Life Coach Jeanne Nelson is back with some helpful advice on taking charge of our emotional health and living life to the fullest! Please leave your comments or questions for Jeanne below. We love to hear from you!!! ... See MoreSee Less

For women everywhere, turning 50 is a major milestone that brings on a decade of transition. Change is no longer about “someday”. It’s all around...

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Lisa Gourdine DavisLet no one steal your joy! This means menopause and all physical changes that comes with being over 50!1 month ago   ·  3
Silke SchwarzkopfMore sound advice from Jeanne Nelson!1 month ago   ·  1

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