Whatever you did on Memorial Day, this Baby Boomer thought about its Purpose

Wanted to share this thoughtful article in Boomer Café by long-time New York television anchorman Rolland Smith who remembers how Memorial Day was celebrated when he was a kid. He writes, “Memorial Day is a holiday. But many of us tend to forget why.”  Wishing you a happy Memorial Day and honoring those who paid the ultimate price. We will not forget!

Click here to read more. https://www.boomercafe.com/2017/05/30/whatever-you-did-on-memorial-day-this-baby-boomer-thought-about-its-purpose/

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Silke Schwarzkopf One thing that stands out for me is that the power of women over 50 is overlooked. People over the age of 50 control over 60% of the disposable income in the United States. Women continue to outnumber the men in this age group. Yet, less than 5% of the advertising is focused on us. My goal is to help change that and prove that the 2ND Act is the best act of all.

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