Do our genes hold the answer to losing weight and getting fit? To find out, we took a DNA test designed to show the optimal way to get fit and lose weight based on our genetics. Achieving optimal fitness and weight loss at any age is a struggle in our sedentary fast-food world. Losing weight and achieving optimal fitness after the age of 50 is further complicated by hormonal changes and decades of bad habits like eating the wrong foods and doing the wrong workouts for what our body actually needs. Can a DNA test eliminate trial and error and give us a map to exactly what we need to do, eat, and take? In a renewed effort to achieve optimal fitness, Paige and I took the SimplyFit DNA test to discover what we’ve been doing right and wrong, and what our bodies actually need to achieve optimal fitness. Co-Founder and CEO of Simplified Genetics, Kurt Johnsen is back to reveal our DNA test results and demonstrate what anyone can learn about their body and ability to lose weight by taking the SimplyFit DNA test for weight loss and fitness.

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