Do you know about Vaginal Atrophy? Surprisingly, not many of us do. In fact, vaginal atrophy is referred to as the silent symptom of menopause, because we don’t want to talk about it! What do women (and men) need to know about vaginal atrophy? As we age, our vagina changes – mostly due to decreased estrogen levels – and can become dry or irritated leading to painful sex. While many women experience these symptoms, surveys show that most of us (as high as 70% of women) are unaware of the condition that may be causing the symptoms: vaginal atrophy. And if we don’t understand what’s causing the problem, it will be difficult to fix. Today, Dr. Laurie Blanscet, founder of An Optimal You, discusses what all women (and the men in their lives) need to understand about vaginal atrophy, and what to do about it!

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