How do you choose and use the right lubricant for vaginal atrophy? Today, we take a closer look at Sex Butter and Boudoir Butter, two truly organic plant-derived balms designed for healing, soothing and enhancing pleasure for women (and men). Unlike most sexual lubricants or moisturizers, Sex Butter and Boudoir Butter provide a protective coating to help alleviate vaginal pain and painful sex. In fact, Bonnie Gayle, the creator of Boudoir and Sex Butter, had her products specifically formulated to help heal and sooth the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. Her products are hormone-free, chemical-free, petroleum-free, toxin-free, sugar/sweetener-free, and synthetic-free. Having lived through her own extreme challenge with vaginal atrophy, Bonnie’s mission is to help women ease the pain and shame around the discussion of sexual and vaginal health.

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What’s the difference? Sex Butter has a minty blend to help create desire and arousal when you’re not feeling it on your own…

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