Menopause Mondays: Do You Know About Vaginal Dryness?

Got a vagina? Know someone who does? Those were the opening words that caught my attention next to a witty cartoon (that made me chuckle) while searching online articles on vaginal atrophy. (I usually don’t laugh much when perusing vaginal dryness).  Turns out that the writer, Ellen Dolgen of Menopause Mondays, shares my sense of humor on this painful topic that is anything but funny. Ellen knows just how to engage the reader on a subject most women are embarrassed to discuss, even with their doctor. In doing so, she provides important information for thousands of women desperately looking for answers on this delicate topic. I reached out to Ellen to have her on 2nd Act. Turns out we are both local, and a couple weeks later met up for lunch. The surrounding tables won’t soon forget our conversation! 🙂 To read Ellen’s article, click here:

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About The Author

Silke Schwarzkopf As the creator of 2nd Act TV, I stand by our motto: “We live what we bring you!” And I lived it all! Everything from divorce after 50 and starting life over; to on-line dating, finding love again and rediscovering sexuality; to taking charge of my health and fitness and getting into the best shape of my life; to starting a new career and risking it all. While it hasn’t been a smooth road, I’ll always look back on my journey with gratitude and a smile, and without regret. I choose to live life to the fullest after 50. Cheers!

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