Think you’re too old to get in shape? Only in your mind, explains Billy Blanks, 7-time Martial Arts World Champion and the Creator of Tae Bo Fitness, one of the biggest fitness crazes in our lifetime. (Remember the infomercial?) Today, at 65-years young (and post hip replacement), Billy continues to coach and inspire millions of people around the world with his signature Tae Bo workouts, several of which are now adapted for the over 50 crowd. Billy demonstrates how a daily 5-minute commitment will pave a new path to health and fitness, and to just feeling better! Having overcome a lifetime of obstacles, Billy is the ultimate example of never giving up, and that all things are possible with a mind and a will! Get ready to be inspired!

Billy Blanks is an American fitness guru, martial artist, actor, and the creator of Tae Bo Fitness, one of the biggest fitness crazes of all times. Today, Billy continues to inspire and coach people around the globe via his YouTube channel. Watch and subscribe here:

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