Do you feel like you have tried everything but simply cannot lose any weight? Fitness expert Rashelle Brown, and author of Reboot Your Body: Unlocking The Genetic Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss, explains that the secret to losing weight lies in rewriting your genetic make-up! Yes, you CAN! Backed by hundreds of hours of research and real-world trials, Rashelle’s method behind Reboot Your Body is designed to succeed where other weight-loss programs have fallen short. Filled with facts, tips, and experiences from real-world individuals just like you, Reboot Your Body walks us through a 10-week program to establish a real, lasting solution to permanent weight loss for every body type.

Running, jogging and walking are great ways to take charge of our health and get back in shape! If you are new to running, we have just the thing to help you get motivated to start running, jogging or walking after 50, our new 2nd Act Virtual Run Club!

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