Life after 50: How Pets Help Boost Our Health and Emotional Wellbeing after 50

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Want someone to love and adore you unconditionally? No problem! Adopt a dog, or any other pet you feel drawn to – preferably one that is older, like us! Pets can have an amazing impact on boosting our health and emotional wellbeing. Dogs are especially important to the over 50 crowd, because they promote socialization and walking – considered by many experts to be the best combination of activity and exercise for our age group. Do you have an empty spot to fill in your heart and home? Consider adopting an older dog or cat. Senior shelter pets are the least likely to ever find new homes, and seem to understand what you have done for them! Prepare to be lathered with uncommon love and devotion.

If your organization specializes in the adoption of senior pets, please contact us at We’d love to see how we could help you get the word out and facilitate placement.

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