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Life after 50: Do YOU Seem Old to Young People? Don’t Do These Everyday Things!

Are you doing things that make you seem old to young people? You might be surprised how some common behaviors and everyday habits are interpreted as “being old” by young people. So, if you care about being seen as “old” by younger friends and family, or concerned about ageism in the workplace, join our tongue-in-cheek […]

Life after 50: Are Midlife Changes Hurting Your Confidence? Coming to Terms with Midlife Change!

Are midlife changes hurting your confidence and self-esteem? Are you questioning your relevance? You’re not alone! In life after 50, many of us believe that our productivity and worthiness begins an inevitable decline, causing us to question our relevance and self-worth. Many of us focus on what happens physically and what we “can’t do any […]

Life After 50: Feeling Stuck and Bored in Midlife? How to Start Feeling Excited About Life Again!

Are you feeling stuck and bored in life after 50? You’re not alone! Studies show that, for many people, happiness starts to dip between 40 and 50 before climbing again in our later years. Why? No big surprise! After 50 we are confronted with so many changes that can feel overwhelming and depressing, and strip […]

Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old? How to Discover and Unlock Your Life Purpose!

Who do you want to be when you grow old? Great question, and the title of a captivating new book co-authored by Richard Leider and David Shapiro, bestselling authors of Repacking Your Bags. In Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old? Richard and David put a new spin on aging and growing […]

Life after 50: Why is THIS Happening to ME? 3 Reason for the Purpose Behind the Pain!

Why is this happening to me? A pressing question that’s crossed all of our minds in life after 50, when sometimes life just isn’t fair! What could possibly be the reason? That’s today’s topic with Kristin Kaufman, author of the popular trilogy “Is This Seat Taken”. Kristin identifies 3 reasons why we may be going […]

Feeling More Discouraged the Older You Get? How to Deal with Discouragement in Life after 50!

Are you feeling discouraged in life after 50? You’re not alone! As we age we are faced with many new challenges that can discourage us from living our best life. And dealing with discouragement can seem impossible. You feel heavy, stuck, and even hopeless at times. Will I ever feel good again? Today, we discuss […]

Are You Living Your Passion? How to Discover Your True Passion, Purpose and Happiness after 50!

Are you living your passion? If you’re like most people, life has kept you from doing what you truly love. As we turn 50, our desire to live with purpose and passion suddenly comes to the forefront. We realize life is finite. What do we still want to accomplish? What is our true passion? Do […]

Recreate Life after 50: Feeling Stuck in Life? The Key to Creating a Meaningful Second Act!

Are you feeling stuck in life after 50? You’re not alone! Turning 50 is a milestone delineating the two halves of life, a bridge that many of us resist crossing all the way. We want to keep living in the first half, longing for what and who we were. Today, we discuss the key to […]

Recreate Life after 50: 3 Steps for Going From Hopeless and Stuck to Happy and Thriving!

Are you feeling stuck and hopeless that you’ll ever be truly happy again? You’re not alone! Our current reality has left many of us with a lingering sense of hopelessness that keeps us feeling stuck in life. Diane Forster, Intentional Living Expert and Host of I HAVE TODAY shares three steps you can take today […]

What Will I Do With the Rest of My Life? 3 Steps for Discovering Happiness and Fulfillment after 50!

Is the question ‘what do I really want to do with the rest of my life’ consuming you more and more often? What really makes you happy and fulfilled? You’re not alone. Turning 50 sparks an awakening that causes us to deeply reflect on the time we have left and what we want to do […]

Recreating Life after 50: How to Get Paid for What You Know and Turn Your Wisdom into Wealth!

Would you like to recreate your life after 50 and get paid for what you know? By choice or circumstance, many of us are now reinventing our careers and life as we know it while working from home. Today, Mindset and Communications Expert Carla Rieger explains the top 3 ways to get paid for what […]

Life after 50: Feeling Overwhelmed with Life? 5 Steps to Getting Your Emotions under Control!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life? You’re not alone! Feeling overwhelmed can be all consuming in life after 50, especially in times of chaos and uncertainty when emotions are running out of control. Carla Rieger, Mindset and Communications Expert, explains how everything we do in life, all of our actions and decisions, are driven by […]