Would you like to recreate your life after 50 and get paid for what you know? By choice or circumstance, many of us are now reinventing our careers and life as we know it while working from home. Today, Mindset and Communications Expert Carla Rieger explains the top 3 ways to get paid for what you know and turn your wisdom into wealth online! What could an online business look like for you? You might be surprised to discover just how much knowledge you have to sell!

Silke Schwarzkopf has been a producer/entrepreneur for over 25-years, and is the Creator and Host of 2nd Act TV. For more information and to contact Silke, click here: https://2ndact.tv/about-2nd-act-tv/

Carla Rieger has been the CEO of The Artistry of Change Training Inc. for over 20 years. She is a business growth, mindset and communication skills expert who has helped thousands of people unleash their true potential and create more successful lives. For more information and to contact Carla directly, click here: https://carlarieger.com/

Download Carla’s “Explore Your Passion Worksheet” here: https://courses.carlarieger.com/explore-your-passion-lp/

Tune into Carla’s MindStory Speaker Podcast here: https://mindstoryacademy.com/podcast/

Watch our previous segments with Carla: https://2ndact.tv/expert/carla-rieger-creativity-speaker-coach/


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