Why can’t I lose weight after 50? A question many of us have asked. And despite what we’ve come to believe, most often, the reason for weight gain after 50 – and why it is so difficult to lose weight – is hormone imbalance! In fact, almost anyone who struggles with weight gain also battles a hormone imbalance, at least to some degree. What can we do about it? Integrative Physician and Hormone Specialist Dr. Laurie Blanscet explains how hormones affect our weight, as well as our energy and mood, and what we can do about it.

Dr. Laurie specializes in helping men and women achieve optimum health with a “whole person” perspective, including the use of bio-identical hormones, proper nutrition and exercise. To learn more or contact Dr. Laurie, click here: https://www.anoptimalyou.com/dr-laurie-blanscet/

To find an integrative physician trained in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), visit A4M’s “find a doctor” page: https://www.a4m.com/find-a-doctor.html

For more information about the Healthy Goddess Workshop by Joni Caldwell Lerner mentioned at the end of this video, click here: https://www.spiritualaliveness.org/about/

For a comprehensive article on hormones and “Why You’re Not Losing Weight,” click here: https://goop.com/wellness/health/why-youre-not-losing-weight/

More videos on health and wellness after 50, click here: https://2ndact.tv/category/videos/wellness/


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