Are you yearning to find real purpose and fulfillment in life after 50? You’re not alone. Something happens when we cross that half-century mark that makes us sit up and contemplate the state of our happiness and fulfillment, or the lack thereof! Finding meaning and purpose assuredly becomes a priority. But how do we go about reinventing life after 50 when self-doubt and fear have us questioning our desire for change? Today, Transformation Consultant Donna Bond shares her story of reinventing life after 50 with the practice of Spiritual Psychology.

Donna Bond, M.A. is a professional life and business coach, spiritual advisor and inspirational speaker. For more about Donna, and to contact her directly, click here:

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Spiritual Psychology is a blend of spirituality and science. It uses elements of both traditional psychology and spirituality in order to help individuals feel better and more content with their lives. More about Spiritual Psychology, click here:

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