Preventing Prostate Cancer: A Medical Opinion On Prostate Massage

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On today’s episode of Our 2nd Act, Dr. Laurie Blanscet joins the conversation with a medical explanation and opinion on achieving prostate health and preventing prostate cancer with regular prostate massage. That’s right! Dr. Laurie agrees that regular prostate massage, done correctly, can prevent or reverse prostate enlargement and can help with other male prostate health challenges that arise after 50. And, milking the prostate gland (as the massage is often referred to) can significantly help with prostatitis, preventing prostate cancer, relieving BPH (Benign Prostate Hypertrophy), strengthen bladder control, clear up erectile dysfunction and help stop premature ejaculation. And the best part, the experience can be pleasurable alone, or with your partner. Tune in and keep an open mind! If you or your partner is suffering with prostate issues, prostate massage may change your life!

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