Breaking Prostate Taboos and Opening Up to Prostate Health Practices: Sexual Health after 50

According to the American Cancer Society, one in every 6 men over the age of 65 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. About 1 in every 40 men will die. It is high time to break prostate taboos that keep men (and women) from openly discussing prostate issues that develop and worsen long before the […]

Sex and Prostate Health: What Men and Women Need to Know for Optimal Prostate Health!

What do men (and women) need to know for optimal prostate health? How about that frequent (safe) sex is great for optimal prostate health. According to our guest, sex coach and founder of Entice Me, Tiffany Yelverton, research shows that 21 ejaculations per month reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 30%. Further, what men […]

Preventing Prostate Cancer: A Medical Opinion On Prostate Massage

On today’s episode of Our 2nd Act, Dr. Laurie Blanscet joins the conversation with a medical explanation and opinion on achieving prostate health and preventing prostate cancer with regular prostate massage. That’s right! Dr. Laurie agrees that regular prostate massage, done correctly, can prevent or reverse prostate enlargement and can help with other male prostate […]

Could Prostate Massage Save Your Life?

If you, or your partner, are prone to prostate issues, it very well might! At a minimum, it can certainly help you improve your prostate health naturally, while also making you feel great in the process – or so we’ve heard! Doing research on this very important topic, I came across the site Prostate Massage […]