Golf is one of the few sports that we can play well into our golden years and, for many golf enthusiasts, one of the prime perks of retirement. Golf is also one of the few sports where you ride around in a cart and drink beer WHILE you play. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!). Thus, the golf experience often promotes an environment that, for many avid amateurs, discounts the serious nature and physical demands of the sport that can lead to game-stopping injuries. Dr. John DeWitt, retired professional athlete and golf injury specialist, explains how a simple 5-minute stretching routine before we hit the range or play a round will all but assure injury-free play AND take strokes off your score! In his book Stretch for Golf in 5 Minutes or Less, Dr. DeWitt reveals the secrets to golfing well into your 80s, and the key muscles that must be flexible to allow for safe and proper swing mechanics, and a consistent golf swing.

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Dr. John DeWitt is a Vanderbilt University graduate, best-selling author, former NFL player and a public speaker. For more about Dr. DeWitt’s many accomplishments and specialties, click here:

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