Life after 50: Do You Feel Like You’ve Lost Your Relevance?

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If you’re feeling like you’re becoming less relevant in life after 50, you are not alone. Feeling like we’ve lost our relevance is one aspect of aging that seems to hit all of us in one way or another. We retire and our job goes on without us. Our children are grown and don’t need us as they once did. Advertising and media depictions of life after 50 don’t help! But after watching the movie The Book Club, while not destined to be critically acclaimed, Paige and I felt a welcoming shift in how Hollywood is finally depicting life after 50 with themes true and relevant to us! Bottom line, we DO NOT lose our relevance, our relevance changes as we age. The sooner we embrace this sentiment and learn to adapt, the better we can recreate life after 50 with new purpose and passion. The best is still ahead!! (Please excuse the wind noise ☺)

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