Are you feeling more and more angry as you’re getting older? You’re not alone, especially if you are a man over 50 going through andropause (the male version of menopause) when the gradual decline in testosterone can lead to the so-called “grumpy old man” syndrome. Hormones aside, experiencing more anger as we age – due to decades of pent up frustrations, built up emotions and unfulfilled expectations at this time of your lives – is normal for both men and women, but not conducive to our emotional health after 50. Today, Paige introduces the “anger boat” a simple – and even fun – tool to identify what emotions are fueling our anger and understanding how these emotions may be stopping us from living our best life.

Paige Valdiserri is an internationally recognized traumatic stress and integrative healing consultant, and a Licensed Professional Counselor. For more information about Paige, click here:

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  1. Important points in this article that we should know about having emotional health after 50 where you feel more angry as you get older. The tips in this article would surely be a huge help for you to understand anger as we age. Thanks for sharing this one out.

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