Are you struggling with the decision to end a relationship after 50, or not? Do I stay, or do I go? You’re not alone! One in four marriages after 50 now ends in divorce, and man or woman, making the decision to end your long-term relationship is agonizing, especially when you have 20-plus years invested in a marriage. So how do you know if you still can – and want to – save your relationship? Love and relationship coach Rachel Monet, otherwise known as ‘The Love Guru’, joins us for a candid discussion about her decision to leave a 22-year marriage, and why she now counsels couples to rediscover their mojo before it’s too late.

Rachel Monet is a dating, relationship, and intimacy coach based in Newport Beach, California. Since 2010, she’s helped hundreds of men and women bring love and intimacy back into their existing relationships or make healthier relationship choices after leaving dysfunctional long-term marriages. To contact Rachel, click here:

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