What Is Your Love Language? The 5 Love Languages to Know for Relationships and Dating Over 50!

What is your love language? When it comes to our needs for giving and receiving love in a relationship, most of us have one dominant love language that makes us feel loved, cared for, and special. Knowing your love language, as well as your partner’s, is a simple way to build, or rebuild, lasting love […]

Dating and Relationships Over 50: How to Have Difficult Conversations to Create GREAT Intimacy!

When dating and starting over again after 50, we all bring stuff to the table we would rather not discuss. But if we want to create great intimacy and a lasting relationship, we eventually need to reveal parts of us that are likely to affect a new relationship. So, when and how do you have […]

Intimacy Over 50: How Do You Create a GREAT Intimate Connection after 50? What Couples Need to Know!

How do you develop a great intimate connection with your partner after 50? That’s the topic we tackle today with Intimacy Coaching Team, Jim Griffeth and Emily Liu, who help couples in midlife and beyond achieve what’s truly important – a deep intimate connection and great sex!! Jim and Emily’s coaching approach follows the Internal […]

Dating Over 50: Feel Like You’re Back In High School? Stop Making the Same Adolescent Mistakes!

Are you starting over again after 50, back on the dating scene, and feeling like you’re right back in high school? You’re not alone! A surprising amount of research shows that some of the most formative and influential times of our lives, for better or worse, are the adolescent years spent in high school. Memories […]

Why Do So Many Relationships Fail? The Truth About Keeping Love Alive Over 50!

Why do so many relationships over 50 fail, and what can we do about it? How do we keep love alive? First, we have to understand what love really is, explains bestselling author and relationship expert Arielle Ford, whose book “Turn Your Mate into Your Soulmate” has made a groundbreaking impact on couples around the […]

Dating and Relationships Over 50: What Do Women REALLY Find Attractive in a Man?

What are women looking for in a man? When it comes to dating and relationships over 50, women are attracted to a strong and decisive man with a plan, explains Elliott Katz, whose widely acclaimed relationship book “Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants” is translated into 24 languages and striking a cord with men […]

Is Getting Married Again after 50 Right for You? Redefining Happiness and Marriage after 50!

Would you ever want to get married again after 50? For many, absolutely! In fact, in recent years 67% of men and women aged 55-64 remarried, up 55% from 1960. However, over the last decade, a strong case is also being made for staying single after 50, even when by all indications you are with […]

Why is Dating Over 50 So Hard? How to Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction!

Ever wonder, why is dating over 50 so hard? Ever feel frustrated and discouraged about finding love after 50? You’re not alone! According to Google, “why is dating and finding love after 50 so hard” are highly searched questions. “Not so!” says love and relationship expert Arielle Ford, author of the international bestseller, THE SOULMATE […]

Dating and Relationships Over 50: How to Be the Strong Man A Woman Wants!

What does it mean to be the strong man a woman wants? That’s the question Elliott Katz speaks to in his widely acclaimed relationship book, Being the Strong Man A Woman Wants, now translated into 24 languages and striking a cord with men and women around the world. Based on what he learned from his […]

Dating and Relationships Over 50: What Are Men Really Thinking? What Women Want (and Need) to Know!

Can men actually not think about anything, while women overthink everything? Apparently so! What men are really thinking remains an obsessive concern for many women navigating the puzzling world of dating and relationships over 50. Why do men do what they do? Today, Rick Higgins the Creator and Host of Mastering the Second Half offers […]

Relationships Over 50: Are You Too Comfortable in Your Relationship? Not Letting Yourself Go!

Have you become too comfortable in your relationship? So comfortable, to the point of letting yourself go? Sure, it’s great when you can relax and truly be yourself in your relationship over 50. It’s not so great when comfort turns into letting yourself go and hurts your intimate relationship. Today, Rick Higgins, the Creator and […]

Friends With Benefits Over 50: Good or Bad Idea? What FWB Really Means!

Is friends with benefits over 50 a good or bad idea? Depends on who you ask! What does FWB really mean, and could it be right for you? Researching what others had to say, Google promptly presented two opposing views for fifty and over singles. (See links below). Apparently FWB is a hot topic for […]