Would you ever want to get married again after 50? For many, absolutely! In fact, in recent years 67% of men and women aged 55-64 remarried, up 55% from 1960. However, over the last decade, a strong case is also being made for staying single after 50, even when by all indications you are with “the right person”! Rick Higgins, the host and creator of Mastering The Second Half, joins us for a discussion on happiness and getting married again after 50, why or why not? Is tying the knot again after midlife right for you? Maybe? For many, our previous go-arounds are causing us to redefine happiness and marriage after 50!

Rick Higgins is a Certified Life Coach and the Creator and Host of Mastering The Second Half, a YouTube channel dedicated to topics concerning people over 50 (and 60!). Click here to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/MASTERINGTHESECONDHALFwithRICKHIGGINS

More perspective on getting married again after 50: https://www.divorcedgirlsmiling.com/second-marriage-after-50-is-it-for-you/

More info on why more couples over 50 are living together, instead of getting married: https://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/sc-fam-seniors-cohabiting-not-marrying-1024-story.html

More videos on Love and Relationships after 50 here: https://2ndact.tv/category/videos/love-relationships/


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