Relationships after 50: Has Man Bashing Become an Acceptable Practice? Men, Women and Emotions

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Has man bashing become and acceptable pastime? Are you guilty of man bashing? Great questions! If you’re a woman, your immediate reaction is likely ‘of course not’. Yet, when taking a second look, it’s clear that male bashing runs rampant in the media, sit coms, music, ads, and everyday girl talk – especially when focused on a man’s emotional depth and availability. Alexandra Levin, relationship coach and co-founder of, points out that if we believe our guy doesn’t pay attention, doesn’t listen, doesn’t understand us, we are 50% responsible and no amount of man bashing will solve it! Tune in to our candid discussion on men, women, emotions and the importance of working together instead of against each other.

Alexandra Levin, along with husband and partner Darrell Gurney, is the co-founder of The Back Forty, a platform and community dedicated to helping midlifers make their second half the best half of life. To learn more about The Back Forty, click here:

To get your copy of Alexandra’s IMBUE Journal: Inspiring Massive Beauty Uniquely Expressed, click here:

A great perspective in Psychology Today, In Defense of Men:

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