People come into our lives for different reasons, and never by coincidence. Some stay for a lifetime, some for just a moment. Some make us feel wonderful, while others leave us feeling damaged. All have shaped who we are! Today, Kristin Kaufman, author of “Is This Seat Taken?” No I Saved It for You” is back to discuss the cathartic process of releasing the relationships and people in our lives who don’t, or no longer, serve us. If people in our lives douse us with insecurity, jealousy, lack of support, or just make us feel anxious and bad, it’s okay to let go! Kristin’s thought provoking stories not only make us think over how others have hurt us, but perhaps even more importantly, how we have inflicted hurt, intentionally or not. The bottom line; take stock, process, forgive yourself and others, try to forget, release who and what no longer serves you, and take a stand for what you believe! Live in alignment with your values!

Kristin Kaufman, founder of Alignment, Inc.®, is a five-star speaker who has addressed many companies and professional groups on the topics of individual and organizational alignment, authentic leadership and collaboration. She writes a widely read blog and is a frequent contributor to several leading professional publications. Kristin is also the creator and author of the popular “Is This Seat Taken? ®” book series.

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