If you’ve been seeing the many endorsements for goPure Beauty skin care products, and still wondering if you should give them a try, by all means YES!!!

As the founder and host of 2nd Act TV, I was recently asked to give goPure Beauty a try – a skin care line specifically created for women over 40. Not being a beauty expert myself, I asked my sister Dorit Hudson for her opinion. Dorit has worked in the high-end cosmetic and skin care industry for over 25-years, and is extremely knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t. (And she has some definite opinions! ☺)

In our first segment, find out why goPure is a must-try skin care line that works, with a refreshing business model that defies traditional cosmetic marketing and offers great value to the consumer – especially when it comes to your pocket book! Questions? Leave us your comments below.

To give goPure Beauty products at try, please use the following link and receive a 10% discount: https://www.gopurebeauty.com/discount/SILKEJONES10?rfsn=2957966.746fac

We receive a small commission on each purchase that does not affect your pricing and helps support our channel. Our promise, we live – and believe in – what we bring you!

P.S. Since the recording of this video, we’ve been using the products for 3 weeks. LOVE THEM!! More to come!

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