Why is losing weight after 50 so difficult? What most of us may not know about losing weight after menopause is that, over the years, we have likely amassed a chronic inflammation problem. And if we want to finally lose weight, reset our metabolism and gain energy, we need to drastically reduce the inflammation in our body. 2nd Act Expert Bonnie Gayle is back with great advice on anti-inflammatory eating and weight loss after menopause. Simply put, her Body Reset 7 Day Challenge is a protocol that combines specific anti-inflammatory foods along with 20-minutes a day of exercise to kick-start your body’s ability to lose weight and eliminate the excess puffiness and bloating that comes with menopause. An added benefit, many women experienced a significant decrease in chronic pain!

Bonnie Gayle, known as a Body Liberator, is a healthy body image and sexual health advocate. She educates, speaks, and writes on how to feel comfortable and confident in your body, and live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. For more information about Bonnie, click here: http://bonniegayle.com/about/

To sign up for the Body Reset 7 Day Challenge (a one time fee of $21 – this has increased since we recorded the video) and receive your free e-book 8 Ways to Reduce Inflammation, click here: https://redirect.marketplace.builderall.com/a/5045

For a helpful article on the importance of organic eating and “Everything You Need to Know about the Dirty Dozen”, click here: https://www.positivehealthwellness.com/diet-nutrition/everything-need-know-dirty-dozen-2017/

For more videos on taking charge of your sexual health with Bonnie, click here: https://2ndact.tv/expert/bonnie-gayle/

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