Do you feel like every time your partner touches you he is just after sex? A prevalent thought (mostly held by women) in relationships after 50, especially in long-term marriages, where – over the years – resentment built and intimacy declined. When it comes to intimacy, the differences between men and women are glaring. Men connect through sex, while women crave an emotional connection, not just a physical one. In fact, if a woman does not feel emotionally connected, she may not want to connect physically, and that’s when resentment builds and our relationships run into trouble! Today, Paige explains how and why to proactively engage in nonsexual touch and affection to reignite a burnt out spark and keep the fires fueled!

Paige Valdiserri is an internationally recognized traumatic stress and integrative healing consultant. Paige is also a Licensed Professional Counselor, who has helped hundreds of couples navigate love and intimacy issues. For more information about Paige, click here:

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