Are you dealing with staying fit after an orthopedic injury or surgery? Staying fit after 50 can be challenging enough, when it seems like your body just doesn’t want to cooperate like it used to. Top that off with orthopedic injuries and surgery, it’s no wonder we get down and discouraged about our long-term fitness. In this video, certified personal trainer and fitness writer Rachelle Brown offers helpful advice and exercise guidelines to minimize our downtime, recover as smoothly as possible, and maintain a positive attitude when dealing with an orthopedic injury or surgery after 50.

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For those wanting a bit more scientific research about training tips for one side of the body mentioned in this video, see Rashelle’s links below:

For strength gains in the opposite side:

For muscular endurance gains in the opposite side:

The role that the neurological system plays in muscle strength:

Rashelle Brown is a Certified Personal Trainer and health coach. Her work has appeared in IDEA Fitness Journal and on the popular health web sites and She is a regular contributor for and NextAvenue and in 2015 published her first book, Reboot Your Body: Unlocking the Genetic Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss (Turner Publishing).

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