Let’s face it. We are all going to die one day. Why is it so hard for us to talk about the reality of terminal illness and dealing with dying? Those of us in our second act of life deal with death and terminal illness more and more often as we age. Yet, most of us have no idea how to discuss death and dying with our loved ones, and are thereby denied the opportunity to share our thoughts, feelings and fears. As a result, many terminally ill people put a smile on their face and silently suffer in emotional isolation. Without talking about death, terminal illness can be a lonely and stressful experience, both for the person who is dying and for their friends and family. How do we talk about death with someone who is dying? Paige leads this important conversation on talking about death and dying, and what questions to ask when talking with a loved one. The subject of death should not be a taboo. Getting more comfortable with the reality of death can help us spend our time more wisely and better appreciate what’s truly important in life.

To get your copy of Paige’s book The Red Bag, click here: http://amzn.to/2x1WOf3

Find more information on Paige Valdiserri click here. She is a great resource for Baby Boomers.

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