Reports of rampant sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood have inspired women all over the world to speak up about their experiences, using the hashtag #MeToo. Actresses gave momentum to the campaign that has spread far beyond the entertainment industry. And it’s about time! Sexual harassment and abuse are difficult topics to discuss, and have far reaching effects on a woman’s life, as well as her mental and sexual health. Those of us who set out to climb the corporate ladder in the 70’s and 80’s clearly remember the widespread sexual discrimination and harassment that was then treated as “normal.” We had little, if any, recourse and recall humiliating experiences. On Our 2nd Act, we are committed to fueling the #MeToo movement and to examining the topic of sexual harassment, abuse, and the subsequent effects on a women’s sexual health from all angels.

Paige Valdiserri is an internationally recognized Traumatic Stress and Integrative Healing Consultant. Her unique approach to dealing with stress has empowered thousands of people to go from a place of personal fracturing back to wholeness, whether it is recovering from war zones, natural disasters, sexual violence, illness, intense professional settings, life-changing personal events, or ongoing spiritual growth.

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