The older we get the more stress we accumulate, and the more focused we become on our encroaching mortality.  How we personalize and deal with the increasingly common pressures of modern American life such as income, retirement, and caregiving, not to mention the traumatic realities of chronic illness and death happening around us more and more frequently, defines the quality of our life after 50. Today, we hear Paige Valdiserri’s fascinating story about growing up with, and working in traumatic stress environments, and helping people through excruciating life experiences, loss, and death.  Paige is an internationally recognized Traumatic Stress and Integrative Healing Consultant. Her unique approach to dealing with stress has empowered thousands of people to go from a place of personal fracturing back to wholeness, whether it is recovering from medical/chronic illness, intense professional settings, war zones, or life-changing personal events. Paige is a big proponent of healing from the inside out, and brings an empowering spiritual view to our search for meaning, purpose and healing. (Pay special attention to our “unexplained audio issue” at the beginning of our interview :-).

Find more information on Paige Valdiserri click here. She is a great resource for Baby Boomers.

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