Life after 50: Why Wrinkles Are Beautiful and What You Can Do to Love and Embrace Your Wrinkles!

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What if instead of fighting the aging process, we learned to embrace our wrinkles? Is it possible to love your wrinkles in life after 50? Absolutely, according to Alexandra Levin, who created the IMBUE Journal to help woman accept and embrace their beauty from the inside out. We live in a society where – every day – we are bombarded with intense messages by the media, as well as by well-meaning peers, family and friends, to “do something” about our wrinkles. Alexandra tells her story of how she came to the realization that she loves her wrinkles, and how changing our perspective of how we think and feel about our wrinkles will have a refreshing effect on our self-esteem. Do you love your wrinkles? Tell us why.

Alexandra Levin, along with husband and partner Darrell Gurney, is the co-founder of The Back Forty, a platform and community dedicated to helping midlifers make their second half the best half of life. To learn more about The Back Forty, click here:

To get your copy of Alexandra’s IMBUE Journal: Inspiring Massive Beauty Uniquely Expressed, click here:

For a great article featuring 7 women who reveal why they love their wrinkles, including Alexandra, click here:

More information about Darrell and Alexandra’s Re-NEW-ALL Program:

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