Are you tired of working out and not getting the results you want? Is your workout not working? Today, let’s step outside the box and see how numerology can help us find the right workout and get fit after 50! Numerologist Tricia Gunberg explains how our birthdate influences all areas of our life, including our fitness. Therefore, by calculating our Health and Wellness Path Number, or Life Path Number, we can discover the right workout to achieve optimal fitness! What does your number reveal? Tricia explains how to calculate our Life Path Number and what it means for choosing the right workout.

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To calculate your Health and Wellness Path number (aka Life Path Number) add all the digits of your birthday until you get a single digit:

Example: August 4, 1969 Add: 8 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 9= 37

Then add: 3 + 7=10

Then, add again to get a single digit: 1+0 = 1

So, in this example, 1 is your Health and Wellness Path number!

Here’s what your number means:

1 Health and Wellness Path: Creativity and Confidence

Because of your creative nature you need more than the average amount of exercise each day. Since you spend much time alone and much time in your head, choose an activity that is simple and easy to follow. Try walking, hiking, swimming, or restorative yoga.

2 Health and Wellness Path: Cooperation and Balance

As a 2, you need exercise that releases muscular tension. Try uplifting movement that has music, dancing, or deep breathing. Include those that require balance: yoga, Pilates, step aerobics, Nia dance and sex (ooh, this is tension releasing and deep breathing!) would fit the bill.

3 Health and Wellness Path: Creative Expression

Expressive movement suits you best! Zumba, POUND, and interpretive dance are good examples. Find inspiring energetic music or write your own. Choose music that mirrors your current mood and move with it. Consider teaching, leading or creating a fitness class.

4 Health and Wellness Path: Stability and Process

Step-by-step and goal-oriented fitness programs work best for you. Sign up for a half marathon then train for it. Or, make it a goal to be a black belt within two years. Weight training, running, biking are all good “building” programs.

5 Health and Wellness Path: Freedom and Discipline

As a 5, you will get the freedom you need (like freedom from health worries, freedom to sleep well, freedom in your diet choices, etc.) when you create a disciplined approach to your fitness program. For exercise ideas refer to the numbers you added to get the 5 (14/41= read 1, and 4 23/32 read 2 and 3). Variety is important for you, so don’t do the same workout two days in a row.

6 Health and Wellness Path: Vision and Acceptance

Pick any physical activity you think you are not very good at and do it anyway. Guess what, it will be perfect because it is good for you. Notice how you feel while you exercise. Try Tai Chi or something similar so you can slow down and enjoy the process.

7 Health and Wellness Path: Trust and Openness

Try to do as many outdoor activities as possible. Mix in something you enjoy that requires attention/concentration, counting or that builds upon proceeding classes. Ideas: dance classes like Zumba and POUND, or a yoga ropes class.

8 Health and Wellness Path: Abundance and Power

Tapping into your inner abundance and power is the key to your fitness routine. Be a workout buddy, inspire and encourage others to exercise.

9 Health and Wellness Path: Integrity and Wisdom

Since you are a humanitarian at heart, place your physical efforts into activities like Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, coaching youth sports, or any outdoor activity like fishing or weekend camping trips. For more fitness ideas refer to the two numbers you added to get the 9 (27= 2 and 7, 36= 3 and 6, 18= 1 and 8).

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