As we enter midlife, the loss of a spouse becomes a more common reality in life after 50. And when a parent has passed, adult children have mixed feelings about their mother or father dating and finding love again. On one hand, they are relieved to see the surviving parent become more vibrant and alive. But accepting the fact that ‘someone new’ may soon be in the picture is a whole other story. How do you deal with your adult children when you want to start dating again, (or when you’ve met someone), after the loss of your spouse? Paige provides some helpful insight on communicating with your adult children during one of the most sensitive transitions in your life.

Paige Valdiserri is an internationally recognized traumatic stress and integrative healing consultant. Paige is also a Licensed Professional Counselor, who has helped thousands of people navigate love, relationship, and intimacy issues. For more information about Paige, click here:

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