At what age do artists hit their stride? Does age bring out an artist’s best work? While some people may become more conservative as they climb in years, aging can make others more liberal, freer, more lenient, and more radical and profound in expressing ideas in their art. One might say that, “as we age, we tend to not give a shit as much” thus allowing true self-expression to emerge. This sentiment certainly holds true for the fabulous over 50 visual artists exhibiting at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts, one of the most prestigious juried art shows in the country. Is art immune to ageism? Like a fine wine, evidence strongly suggests that artists get better with age. Cheers!

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Tom Swimm:

Sandra Jones Campbell:

Betty Haight and Stephanie Cunningham:

Susan Hoehn:

Paul Bond:

Marie Tippets:

Ray C. Brown. Jr:

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