Art and Ageism: Does Age Bring Out Our Best Work? Artists Over 50

At what age do artists hit their stride? Does age bring out an artist’s best work? While some people may become more conservative as they climb in years, aging can make others more liberal, freer, more lenient, and more radical and profound in expressing ideas in their art. One might say that, “as we age, […]

Meet Hugo Rivera: Contemporary Figurative Artist Living Life after 50 with Passion!

At 2nd Act TV, we love to showcase examples of living life to the fullest after 50. Today we bring you Hugo Rivera, a Mexican contemporary figurative artist. Hugo is a shining example of living his life with purpose after 50 and pursuing his passion, which comes through in every piece of his art. His […]

Musician, Mobster, Best Selling Author Jon D’Amore’s Remarkable Story of Recreating Life after 50!

While everybody has a story, author Jon D’Amore’s is one for the books! A talented up-and-coming musician in New Jersey, Jon’s family connections took him on an extended excursion in and out of Las Vegas in the mid-1970s. His role in one of the greatest gambling scams ever to hit Sin City changed gambling laws across […]

Meet Legendary Guitarist and Contemporary Blues Artist Bobby Messano: Live with Passion!

Strap in and get ready for a great conversation with Bobby Messano, Grammy nominated contemporary blues artist and legendary guitarist. Bobby is a shining example of how to live your passion after 50, something like the 2nd Act TV version of “Where are they now?” More than just a brilliant blues guitarist, Bobby Messano is […]