When it comes to sexuality after 50, one of the most common shame issues nobody talks about is body part shame, specifically vagina and penis shame. A simple Google search reveals millions of hits focused around “am I normal”. This comes to no surprise! Popular culture and the adult entertainment industry have done a great disservice in promoting a skewed picture of what is “normal”… when actually it is not. And if you are someone who has dealt with vagina or penis shame in younger years, it likely intensified when the effects of aging set in. Sexual Health Advocate Bonnie Gayle is back with candid talk about why we come to shame ourselves in the first place, and how we can move forward appreciating our body parts, and get past the shame that holds us back from truly enjoying our body after 50.

For an interesting perspective on vagina shame, click here: https://archive.attn.com/stories/8291/the-struggle-for-women-and-vaginal-shame

For more about ending penis shame, click here: https://hornet.com/stories/penis-shame/

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