Are old stigmas and societal expectations still affecting your life and happiness after 50? You’re not alone! Especially when it comes to societal expectations about marriage, children and career. How did you meet the conventional expectations of our generation? Today, Kristin Kaufman, author of “Is This Seat Taken?” No I Saved It for You” is back to discuss the importance of identifying and releasing the stigmas that are still affecting us today. Kristin, who was raised in a small town in Arkansas and opted for the unconventional path of becoming a career woman, candidly discusses the stigmas associated with her decision not to get married or have children, as well as other stigmas of the Baby Boomer generation.

Kristin Kaufman, founder of Alignment, Inc.®, is a five-star speaker who has addressed many companies and professional groups on the topics of individual and organizational alignment, authentic leadership and collaboration. She writes a widely read blog and is a frequent contributor to several leading professional publications. Kristin is also the creator and author of the popular “Is This Seat Taken? ®” book series.

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