Some people choose childlessness, for others, it’s their greatest sadness. Do you regret not having children? Regardless, if you are over 50 and childless, you have likely felt judged about your childless state, whether by choice or circumstance. After all, if you are a middle-aged woman without children, something must be wrong with you! At this time in our lives, a great deal of talk centers on “the empty nest syndrome” – kids leaving for college, moving out, and parents dealing with the empty nest. Rarely do we discuss what impact childlessness is having on our lives after 50. If by choice, are there regrets? By circumstance, how do we make peace with events out of our control? How do we keep handling the belabored question: “So, why don’t you have kids?” Or the assumptive statement, “you must miss having grandchildren.” Are you childless after 50? That includes all men without children. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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