Are you experiencing the same relationship conflict over and over again? Have you given up hope of ever breaking the pattern? Dr. Gary Salyer, author of Safe to Love Again, explains that couples generally don’t argue about issues, but about feelings behind the issues. And based on our attachment style, there are 4 missing feelings and unmet needs at the root of all of our relationship conflict. Therefore, if we can identify our unmet needs and missing feelings, we can rewire our brain to feel loved and stop the conflict pattern. Ask yourself, to what degree do you feel welcomed with joy; worthy and nourished, cherished and protected; and empowered with choice in your relationship? Dr. Salyer illustrates how these feelings are the lifeblood of a relationship.

Dr. Gary Salyer is a transformational relationship mentor who, for the last decade, has been in private practice offering singles and couples heart-centered transformation, so they can re-write the rules for love in their brains and create a love that lasts. Dr. Gary speaks to a national audience as a featured expert on various Celebrity TV and radio shows such as Hay House Radio and Coast to Coast AM. For more information, or to contact Dr. Salyer, go to

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