Are you looking to recreate your career and get back to work after 50? Ageism contrived opinions may have you believing that it’s “too late” to make a career change, start a new business, or get back into the workforce after 50. Not so, according to Life and Career Coach Darrell Gurney! It’s possible to make entire career changes and start over again after 50 if you have the right mindset and know the best approach. Today, Darrell discusses how to develop a stealth campaign to make the right connections, enlist the help of others, and get in front of the right people to restart your career after 50 utilizing a stealth “back-door” strategy.

Along with partner Alexandra Levin, Darrell Gurney is the co-founder of The Back Forty, a platform and community dedicated to helping others make their second half the best half of life. To learn more about Darrell, Alexandra and The Back Forty, click here:

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To get your free e-books to help you move with strength, certainty, and purpose in your second half of life, click here:

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