Happy Holidays?? We hope this season is bringing you joy. We also understand that not everyone is joyous or excited about the holidays, and that many people struggle at this time of year. Sadness during the holidays is experienced by more people than you may realize, whether they are engaged in the festivities or sitting them out. Here’s hoping your holidays are merry and bright, and full of joy. If you are among the many who wish January 2nd would just hurry up and get here, know that you are not alone, and that your circumstances will shift and change. The best is yet to come! Thank you for being part of 2nd Act TV. Much love and gratitude! Paige and Silke.

Paige Valdiserri is an internationally recognized traumatic stress and integrative healing consultant, and a Licensed Professional Counselor.

For more information about Paige, click here: https://paigevaldiserri.com/

More tips on dealing with the holiday blues: https://www.psycom.net/beat-holiday-depression/

More videos with Paige, click here: https://2ndact.tv/expert/paige-valdiserri/


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