Divorce after 50: Avoiding Some Common Mistakes of Gray Divorce! What Men and Women Need to Know!

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Are you among the record number of men and women going through divorce after 50? You’re not alone. While divorce is always difficult, gray divorce presents unique challenges and misconceptions for those over 50. Today, retired Family Court Judge and Divorce Attorney DeAnne Salcido covers what men and women need to know for avoiding some common mistakes when it comes to asset division, benefits and spousal support for couples ending a long-term marriage.

As a retired Family Court Judge and practicing divorce attorney, DeAnn Salcido is passionate about her role as a Divorce Coach, and best known as the “Divorce Comeback Queen”. To contact DeAnn, or schedule a complimentary consultation, click here: https://deannsalcido.com/

More reading on the reasons the four main challenges of a gray divorce, click here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/margueritacheng/2019/02/28/4-main-challenges-of-a-grey-divorce/#598f8b783e0d

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