Are you dating after 50 and having trouble getting to a second date? TMI alert! Could you be over sharing on first dates? Offering up too much information on a first date can be easy to do, especially when dating after 50 with a packed multi-decade past! Today, Treva Brandon Scharf and Robby Scharf, Hosts of “Done Being Single with Treva and Robby” join us for a lively discussion on what is and isn’t dating TMI on a first date. When to let it rip, or keep it zipped! While you want to be honest and open, you also have to be aware of the right amount of information for each stage in the dating process … that’s if you want to move forward.

With a combined 108 years of single life experience under their belts, Treva and Robby are dating experts. They’re the authorities on being single and finding love later in life. Tune into “Done Being Single with Treva and Robby” on

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