How does the 24/7media coverage really affect the victims, their families, our children, and first responders? We’ve become a nation that lives daily with the backdrop of fear, worry, grief and trauma. As a result, we live in a highly altered state that creates long-term stress and health issues. The general public, as well as the media and many of those who govern, have yet to understand the long-term implications these on-going traumatic events have not only on individuals, but our workforce, communities, countries and nations. As an internationally recognized Traumatic Stress and Integrative Healing Consultant, Paige Valdiserri offers insight and perspective only those who have served in the trenches of inconceivable trauma have gathered. It is high time we bring this discussion to the forefront. Our continued prayers to those affected by this senseless shooting, as well as all living in the emotional aftermath of trauma. Please share and leave us your comments.

Paige Valdiserri is an internationally recognized Traumatic Stress and Integrative Healing Consultant. Her unique approach to dealing with stress has empowered thousands of people to go from a place of personal fracturing back to wholeness, whether it is recovering from war zones, natural disasters, sexual violence, illness, intense professional settings, life-changing personal events, or ongoing spiritual growth.

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