Silke Schwarzkopf

As the creator of 2nd Act TV, I stand by our motto: “We live what we bring you!” And I lived it all! Everything from divorce after 50 and starting life over; to on-line dating, finding love again and rediscovering sexuality; to taking charge of my health and fitness and getting into the best shape of my life; to starting a new career and risking it all. While it hasn’t been a smooth road, I’ll always look back on my journey with gratitude and a smile, and without regret. I choose to live life to the fullest after 50. Cheers!

Love after 50: Are You Pathologizing Your Relationship? Why Labeling Your Partner is Harmful!

Are you pathologizing and self-diagnosing your relationship issues? You’re not alone! With the overload of relationship advice online, more and more therapists and relationship counselors are observing couples self-diagnosing and labeling their partner’s behavior. Dr. Gary Sayler, transformational relationship therapist and author of “Safe To Love Again”, explains why pathologizing and labeling your partner’s behavior […]

Life after 50: Do YOU Seem Old to Young People? Don’t Do These Everyday Things!

Are you doing things that make you seem old to young people? You might be surprised how some common behaviors and everyday habits are interpreted as “being old” by young people. So, if you care about being seen as “old” by younger friends and family, or concerned about ageism in the workplace, join our tongue-in-cheek […]

Dating Over 50: What Is Cushioning? Online Dating Behavior You Need to Know!

What is “cushioning” in terms of dating behavior? Cushioning is yet another dispiriting dating trend in the era of online dating. But unlike bad dating behaviors such as ghosting, love bombing, or monkey branching, cushioning can sometimes skirt the line of acceptable dating etiquette. How? Dating Coach Treva Brandon Scharf joins us to help bring […]

Life after 50: Are Midlife Changes Hurting Your Confidence? Coming to Terms with Midlife Change!

Are midlife changes hurting your confidence and self-esteem? Are you questioning your relevance? You’re not alone! In life after 50, many of us believe that our productivity and worthiness begins an inevitable decline, causing us to question our relevance and self-worth. Many of us focus on what happens physically and what we “can’t do any […]

Intimacy Over 50: How to Get Intimate with a New Partner after a Long-Term Sexless Relationship!

Do you want to get intimate with a new partner after a sexless marriage or long-term relationship? You’re not alone! Thousands of women over 50 (and men) are doing just that, and feel hesitant and insecure about their sexual experience. Does sexual history really matter in a new relationship? How do you know if a […]

Dating Over 50: New Dating Trends? How the Pandemic and Online Dating Have Changed Dating Behavior!

Dating over 50? Welcome to a new dating world! Today, dating and life coach Treva Brandon Scharf gives us her candid take on post-pandemic dating trends “you need to know”, as released by Plenty of Fish, a popular online dating app. Plenty of Fish polled over 2,000 U.S. members and found that pop culture, current […]

Life After 50: Feeling Stuck and Bored in Midlife? How to Start Feeling Excited About Life Again!

Are you feeling stuck and bored in life after 50? You’re not alone! Studies show that, for many people, happiness starts to dip between 40 and 50 before climbing again in our later years. Why? No big surprise! After 50 we are confronted with so many changes that can feel overwhelming and depressing, and strip […]

Finding Love after 50: What Are Men Looking For? One Man’s Story of Finding the One!

What are men looking for in a woman when starting over again after 50? Today, one man’s story of looking for love after 50 and finding the one! Mark Giomblanco candidly recalls his thoughts and challenges when his 25-year marriage ended, and he felt lost and insecure starting over on the dating scene. He knew […]

Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old? How to Discover and Unlock Your Life Purpose!

Who do you want to be when you grow old? Great question, and the title of a captivating new book co-authored by Richard Leider and David Shapiro, bestselling authors of Repacking Your Bags. In Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old? Richard and David put a new spin on aging and growing […]

Love & Relationships Over 50: Surprising Things Guys Wish Women Knew About Men!

What do guys wish women knew about men? Based on interviews conducted with over 1,000 men, a recent article reports 10 surprising things guys wish women knew how they really feel about love, romance and intimacy. Do the findings support how men really feel? What do you think? Today, author and radio host Robert Manni […]

Dating Over 50: Dating Advice for Men and Women with Chronic Health Issues or Disability!

Dating over 50 is challenging for everyone, but it can be especially difficult to date after 50 when you’re dealing with chronic health issues or a disability. One viewer wrote, “Everyone seems to be looking for an athlete, and I feel like damaged goods in the dating market, can you do a segment for people […]

Is a Deep Secret Keeping You From Finding Love after 50? One Woman Reveals Her Secret Sorrow!

Is a deep secret keeping you from finding love? You’re not alone. Secrets and shameful feelings buried in the past promote the belief that we are not worthy of love. And in life after 50, deep and shameful secrets have been carried for decades. Today, a very candid and heartfelt discussion with award winning author […]