Silke Schwarzkopf

As the creator of 2nd Act TV, I stand by our motto: “We live what we bring you!” And I lived it all! Everything from divorce after 50 and starting life over; to on-line dating, finding love again and rediscovering sexuality; to taking charge of my health and fitness and getting into the best shape of my life; to starting a new career and risking it all. While it hasn’t been a smooth road, I’ll always look back on my journey with gratitude and a smile, and without regret. I choose to live life to the fullest after 50. Cheers!

Looking for Unconditional Love? Adopt a Senior Dog to Love and Adore You! Living with Purpose

Want someone to love and adore you unconditionally? No problem! Adopt (or foster) a senior dog! As many of us know, ageism sucks! (A fact that senior dogs aging-out in shelters will confirm!) PJ Rosch, the CEO and Founder of The Little Red Dog, explains why senior dogs are perfect to fill that empty spot […]

Rediscovering Sexuality after 50: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Sexual Aids!

Is intimacy after 50 a thing of the past for you? You’re not alone! The menopausal years play havoc with our mind and body, and rediscovering sexuality is not a priority. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to! Sexual Health Expert Tiffany Yelverton is back with a candid discussion on what every woman needs to know […]

Are Trust Issues Hurting Your Relationship? Overcoming Trust Issues, Real or Imaginary!

Are trust issues hurting your relationship? Do you find it difficult to trust your partner? Do you know why? Are trust issues in your relationship based on something that has happened, or do your trust issues stem from past experience? By the time we reach 50, we have had many years to accumulate trust issues. […]

Stressed Out About Contracting COVID-19? Why Reducing Stress and Anxiety May Be Your Best Defense!

Are you stressed out about contracting COVID-19? You’re certainly not alone! While 24/7 news floods us with fearful messaging on social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands, we are given very little direction to help support our emotional health. Dr. Laurie Blanscet joins us to explain how stress and anxiety weaken our immune system, and […]

Love after 50: How Numerology Can Help You Understand and Deal with Relationship Issues!

How compatible is your relationship? Numerology can be a powerful tool to help you understand and deal with relationship issues. How are your attributes and needs affecting your relationship? If you’re looking for love, how can numerology help you choose a compatible partner? Numerologist Tricia Gunberg explains how numerology can help you understand why certain […]

Relationships after 50: Have You Said or Done Something You Can’t Take Back? Dealing with Regret!

An issue many couples face in relationships after 50, allowing pent up stress to get the best of you, and then saying something you regret. (Especially in lockdown with your partner ) Have you said or done something to hurt someone you love? Is it possible to take back something you’ve said? Today, Paige offers […]

Is Your Relationship Affected by Hearing Loss? How One Couple Got Their Life Back!

Has anyone in your life been affected by moderate to profound hearing loss? You are not alone! This video is in collaboration with Cochlear Americas. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), one in every three people 65 years of age and older, and one in every two people over 75 has hearing loss. The […]

Dating Over 50: What Do Men Over 50 Want in a Woman? What an Online Dating Survey Said!

What do men over 50 want in a woman? That was the quest of a survey conducted by Zoosk, a popular online dating site. Zoosk data-mined over 600,000 profiles to see what words men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s mentioned most often when describing what they are looking for in a woman. What did […]

Is Your Workout not Working? Using Numerology to Find the Right Workout and Get Fit after 50!

Are you tired of working out and not getting the results you want? Is your workout not working? Today, let’s step outside the box and see how numerology can help us find the right workout and get fit after 50! Numerologist Tricia Gunberg explains how our birthdate influences all areas of our life, including our […]

Reinventing Life after 50: Are Control Issues Holding You Back? Gaining Control by Letting Go!

Are control issues holding you back from creating the life you really want? You’re not alone! Control is rooted in fear. Therefore, many of us try to control everything because we are afraid of what will happen if we don’t. Carla Rieger, business growth and mindset expert, reminds us that life is a roller coaster, […]

Failing Forward? What Boomers Can Learn from Millennials about Overcoming Fear of Failure!

Ever heard of failing forward? Not likely if you’re over 50 and among the millions of Baby Boomers brought up in fear of failure. Fifty-years later, fear of failure is the number one reason that keeps us from taking risks and creating the life we really want! Today, executive producer and host of @DottoTech, Steve […]

Recreating Life after the Loss of a Spouse and How to Make Room for Someone New!

The death of a spouse is one of the most devastating life events one can ever endure. Grief is a daily struggle with no apparent end in sight. The thought of ever starting over again seems inconceivable. Until it isn’t! Today, part 3 of my interview with Marriage and Family Therapist Jeanne Nelson about losing […]